PAC Certificated Obtained for TCDRI Vietnam Tonglin Project


 On March 15, Vietnam Tonglin 5000t/d cement production project generally contracted by TCDRI got PAC certificate issued by the Owner, indicating the entire project smoothly went through inspection and was officially handed over to the Owner. Besides, equipment warranty period has expired, and FAC certificate will be issued by the Owner after we handle a handful of remaining issues as per settlement agreement.


Vietnam Tonglin project is a large-scale EP project generally contracted by TCDRI. The contract was signed in August 2009, and scope covers engineering of the entire production line from limestone crushing to cement packaging, supply and transportation of equipments and 2 years spare parts, technical service, production commissioning, performance test, training and production technical supervision. Civil construction and equipment installation is in the scope of the Owner. Construction started in May 2010 and installation started in September 2012. With the joint efforts of complete team members, various difficulties have been conquered and several significant milestone outcomes have been achieved. Kiln was ignited successfully by one time on October 1, 2014, performance test for clinker production line was completed on Nov. 30, cement mill passed test on Dec. 15, by that time, various targets for the entire line have been universally up to the contract requirement. To complete the performance test of entire production line and put it into production in such a fast and high efficient manner, is greatly beyond the expectation of the Owner, and is also rarely observed in TCDRI overseas projects. Hence, the Owner gave a high comment, and also it sets a good brand image of TCDRI in Vietnam market .

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