Sinoma Overseas Angola NCII 5000TPD Project Awarded with PAC Certificate



On July 27, Angola NCII project contracted by Sinoma Overseas Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinoma Overseas) was issued with PAC certificate, indicating satisfactory completion of Angola NCII 5000TPD project.

The entire project has attracted attention and efforts from company leaders and multiple departments in the process of engineering, procurement, supervision and manufacturing, installation and commissioning. The project kicked off in Luanda, Angola in May 2015. Since the commencement of construction, various units have closely collaborated with each other. The project was officially ignited on January 27, 2017, and passed the Owner’s performance test on July 27, thus PAC certificate was obtained. Only 26 months was taken to build a cement production line with advanced technology and equipment, high automation and complying with international environmental protection standards from nowhere.

In the construction process, Sinoma has actively taken the social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise from a great nation, by providing over 700 positions, to promote the employment in CACUACO, and has got along with local people in harmony with collaboration enhancing mutual trust and vice verse. The delivery of the project not only enable the Owner get rid of clinker import, but also have surplus clinker to export which creates very good social and economic benefits. Just as Angola Minister of Industry Ms. Martins put it: “CIMANGOLA cement plant has milestone significance in Angola cement industry. The formal operation and production of the cement plant plays a key role to promote Angola economic advancement.”

The successful completion of Angola project established Sinoma Overseas leading position in African cement engineering industry, enable the international image of Sinoma brand to leap to a new height, meanwhile, forge a “national card” for Chinese enterprises in African market. For the next step, Sinoma Overseas would explore in further depth and details to bring in new projects.


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